Spanish abortion supporters call for church burnings

From the sea like pirates they came, a hundred or so Dutch women from "Women on Waves", a floating abortion mill, to the yacht harbor of Valencia. The locals came out in droves to protest the "Ship of Death", while the abortionist passed out matches with the message “The only church that brings light is the one that burns. Join us!” and images of burning churches. It was the largest pro-life rally in the city's history. The flotilla's purpose is to ferry impressionable women out to international waters to perform their heinous acts of death and dismemberment on the defenceless youths. On October 19, the feminists met again to distribute matches but decided to disband after they were overwhelmed by the large number of pro-life protesters who gathered at the port where the abortion ship was docked.

Pray with me that this plan of the adversary is thwarted...

Statement from the Meeting of St. Michael’s Seminary Curriculum Committee of the American Church

The Curriculum Committee of St. Michael’s Seminary, USA met in Olathe, Kansas October 16-17, 2008. Those in attendance were the Patriarch, Bishops Doug Kessler and Mike Davidson, Archdeacon Bill McLoughlin, Canons Mark Finley, David Almond, Robert Wills, Fr. Terry Hedrick, and Deacons John Garrett and Steve Phelps. Canon Mark Pearson was unable to attend the meeting because he is recovering from surgery.

On the first day, the Patriarch addressed the members of the committee. He commended the committee for the excellent work they have done in setting curriculum and in teaching and mentoring men around the United States and Canada. There is always need for improvement because our culture is slowly entering a post-Christian era. Our men need to be educated and prepared for the days that face us.

After discussion of the Patriarch’s comments, the committee continued with their work. At the conclusion of the two days of meeting they prepared several recommendations to the United States House of Bishops.

The are recommending that St. Michael’s be the official seminary of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in the United States and that every Diocese use the seminary for preparing men for ordination.

There was a lengthy discussion of the spiritual and moral formation of seminarians and clergy. They are recommending to the Bishops of the U.S. Church that all clergy be mandated to be involved in continuing education and spiritual direction. They are reminding the Bishops and the seminarians that St. Michael’s Seminary is contextual education and involves spiritual/moral formation, practical ministry, and academics. The committee also recommended that there be programs developed for the wives and families of clergy and those seeking ordination.

Finally the Committee recommended to the Patriarch, who is also the Primate of the United States, that the Seminary seek accreditation and that he appoint a group to research the possibility. The Patriarch responded by appointing a group to work on this process.

The Primate reappointed Bishop Doug Kessler as the Dean of the Seminary and Dn. Steve Phelps who serves at the Cathedral in Kansas City will assist him in administrative matters.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Churches around the world will join in prayer for the millions of Christians worldwide who continue to be persecuted for their faith.
The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) on 9 November is an initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission in collaboration with ministries that support the persecuted church, including Voice of Martyrs, Open Doors and Gospel for Asia.

Global IDOP coordinator, the Rev Johan Candelin said the day of prayer said it could be the “biggest prayer group in the world”. The theme will be “Refined in Fire”.

“When the Lord's children go into the refining fire of persecution, they come out purer with deeper faith and greater strength, more Christ-focused and more unified,” said the Rev Candelin, who is also the Executive Director of the WEA’s Religious Liberty Commission.

“Those who are being persecuted can therefore be encouraged to look with hope at how they are being sanctified. And those who pray for them can be reminded to place sanctification on a higher pedestal than prosperity.”

More Christians were martyred in the twentieth century than all previous centuries combined, and persecution continues unabated into the twenty-first century. In India’s Orissa state, scores of Christians have been killed and thousands left homeless in a wave of attacks by Hindu mobs since the end of August.

“More than 200 million Christians do not have full religious freedom today,” added Candelin. “The least we can do is the most we can do: Pray.”

Specific prayer requests concerning 36 nations and 46 national leaders plus other resources for targeted praying, are available from the global IDOP website.

“IDOP is an important opportunity for the church around the world to stand in solidarity with brothers and sisters from across the globe, who are suffering as they seek to follow Christ,” said Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe, the International Director of WEA.

“I urge all churches to participate in IDOP. It will be life-changing.”

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