Spanish abortion supporters call for church burnings

From the sea like pirates they came, a hundred or so Dutch women from "Women on Waves", a floating abortion mill, to the yacht harbor of Valencia. The locals came out in droves to protest the "Ship of Death", while the abortionist passed out matches with the message “The only church that brings light is the one that burns. Join us!” and images of burning churches. It was the largest pro-life rally in the city's history. The flotilla's purpose is to ferry impressionable women out to international waters to perform their heinous acts of death and dismemberment on the defenceless youths. On October 19, the feminists met again to distribute matches but decided to disband after they were overwhelmed by the large number of pro-life protesters who gathered at the port where the abortion ship was docked.

Pray with me that this plan of the adversary is thwarted...

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