St. Michaels Seminary hosts instructed Divine Liturgy

The Maryland campus of St. Michael’s Seminary hosted an instructed Divine Liturgy conducted by Fr. Michael Clancy of the Orthodox Anglican Church. Fr. Michael, formerly of the Patriarchate of Moscow, celebrated the Eastern Orthodox Eucharist and answered questions for the students. This event was part of the Charismatic Episcopal Church seminary course Ancient Ecumenical Traditions, Orthodox, Roman and Anglican/Celtic. Fr. Michael’s presentation, which he normally conducts for his own church’s seminary, was a wonderful and practical conclusion to the Fall semester. It tied together a great deal of what the seminarians had been learning and allowed them to see and participate in this beautiful celebration of the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Fr. Michael also anointed the people with holy oil mingled with the tears of a weeping icon of the Madonna. Fr. Michael is a friend of the CEC and sometimes attends The Church of the Good Shepherd, CEC in Ellicott City, MD. Fr. Michael is a chaplain with the Maryland National Guard and serves with Fr. Martin Eppard (the course instructor) as a police chaplain. All of the seminarians were greatly blessed by this event. The lecture and questions and answer time was extremely informative, but the most wonderful part of the evening was the celebration of the sacrament in this unique way.

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Role of Police Chaplains

The primary role police chaplain program is to provide experienced clergy to assist law enforcement officers through difficult times. Their mission is to provide a comforting presence to first responders, family members, and civilian staff facing distress. All police and fire chaplains (ordained clergy) follow the commitments of their ordination – to protect and value the confidential information an officer may share with a chaplain. Police chaplains help defuse anxiety and emotional trauma resulting from an officer working a tragic scene involving injury or death. In the words of a retired police lieutenant; “For police officers, chaplains are the extended arms of God to help comfort, teach, listen, and offer compassion and understanding.” Ref: Stories of the Street: Images of the Human Condition.
Volunteer Police Chaplain Steve Best