St. John's Bible Exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art

Hey Guys! 
I had the privilege to see the St. John's Bible Exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, Alabama, yesterday.  It was SPECTACULAR!
The Saint John's Bible is an ongoing project, commisssioned by Benedictine Monks in Minnesota, to hand write (calligraphy) the whole Bible in the style of the monks of the Middle Ages and prior.  It is "authenitic" in the sense of being done on calf-skin pages (vellum) with the hand-mixed ink and paints, and hand-made goose quill pens, etc., according to the traditional techniques.  It is being done, as inspired by the beginning of the 3rd Christian Millenium, by an artist group in Wales, GB. 
This is the website that will tell more about it:
This is far more than just hand-written text.  The Biblical Art-Work that is married into the text is absolutely astounding ! with (mostly) more comtemporary style paintings in multiple colors and Gold Leaf. 
One MAIN POINT is the rare privilege to have an exhibition of this nature in the area ! 
Exhibiting these pages is rare in itself, and there are only two other concurrent exhbitions for this year in the country (other parts of the Bible that have been completed)--as you can note on the website.  It is a RARE opportunity to see Christian Masterpiece in the making, in my humble opinion!
Museum admission is $10 per head (for all of the exhibits), and the St.John's Bible exhibit ends on April 12th.
If you can get to Mobile before the 12th to see it, I think you will find it to be well worth the effort!
Respectfully,   Clay

(submitted by Clay Rowe)

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